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MusicGala Entertainment for Fun and Fundraising!

Live music attracts large groups of people. We entertain for family concerts, play for community folk dances, and also provide background music for special events. We customize our musical events for your occasion.


Tales & Tunes From History: Narrated Concert with a Dance Band for ages 12+

  • Our concerts combine period music with a glimpse of the culture at that time – Hear the music. See the dances. Listen to popular stories. Honor the heros. Sing the songs.
  • Your staff participation is welcome. We love to collaborate and support your concept. One possible role is that of the narrator and speaker for the evening.
  • We also demonstate popular English Country Dances and Contra Dances of the era.

Exhibition Opening Celebrations with a Dance Band!

Make the period come alive with period music!

Community Dances & Balls, for English and Contra Dances:

Our ensembles play for over 50 community folk dances each year! Dances can attract 50-100 or more people. You don’t need experience or a partner to do these dances and each dance step is announced by a caller as you dance. It’s a fun way to build community and experience history at the same time.

Costumed Dance Troupe – Narrated Concert for any age:

As popularized on television and in books – Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, Pride and Prejudice… Watch a beautifully costumed, historical dance troupe perform English Country Dances. Listen to the beautiful music and enjoy the spicy stories about each dance.

More Event Activities for fun and fundraising


People come to hear the music. You have the option to provide additional complementary activities to increase the fun and fundraising.
Breakfast, Brunch, Carnival, Dessert Buffet, Live Auction, Make Your Own Sundae, Pie Tasting, Potluck, Silent Auction, Tea,Wine Tasting


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